The Big Day is here! Will Donald Trump be able to deliver on his promises?


Jan 20th, 2017, the day we all had been waiting for anxiously, is now upon us. Come tomorrow and Mr. Donald Trump will take his oath as the President of the United States of America which is certainly the most influential, if not the most powerful office in the world.

His election campaign was riddled with controversies ranging from accusations of sexual assault to being racist and Anti- Muslim but his momentum didn’t break down and he won the elections in a historic win.

The win was more intriguing and powerful, because on the other end was Hilary Clinton, former first lady and a woman who had held several key positions within the US establishment. She was liked by the media and it felt as if no one wants to see Trump as President. It was a battle that people thought, he had already lost, but wait there was a huge surprise for everybody. Trump won and Hilary got disappointed. The hysteria around the election campaign of both the candidates died down but the hopes that Trump aroused and the ones that helped him upstage an immensely strong opponent were yet to be tested.

Trump promised that he will bring back jobs into the US and bolster its economic viability, his strongest claim yet. Yes, he said things about the Mexican wall and putting a curb on immigration, but those remain secondary as far as the common person is concerned. The blue and white collar workers that voted for Mr. Trump had a more stable economy in mind when they went out for the polls, but will Mr. Trump be able to fulfill his biggest promise?

Well, it seems like he started his work on doing exactly that as soon as he was elected. He met some high profile economic bigwigs in this crucial period and even met the Influencers from the Silicon Valley. And it seems that his methods seem to work, no matter if they look like he is intimidating or forcing companies into doing such things. They are being done; there are some very commendable signs. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin and a lot of other companies have announced plans to hire more Americans in the upcoming period, adding a large amount of jobs into the economy. General Motors, in a recent statement pulled out of its plan to build a facility in Mexico and instead, it will invest a billion dollars into the US economy.

Trump has met Elon Musk, Carlos Slim and some other biggies from the corporate sector and probably has worked out an even bigger plan to do what he said. Well, come tomorrow, the period starts. The people have become hopeful, that the US economy will now see its growth rates surge in the upcoming months. We all wait anxiously, to know further, what more can Trump do for us and the US economy in his period, which starts tomorrow, as the President of United States of America.