Trump wants to appoint an inexperienced woman to lead US efforts at the UN


Donald Trump’s selection for UN ambassador is facing criticism for her lack of experience in foreign policy and for parroting Trumps opinion of the international body.

Nikki Hayley, who has been rising rapidly in the Republican Party, will undergo questioning by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about lacking experience in foreign policy and issues related to the federal government. Hayley, who has been serving as the governor of South Carolina since 2011, will turn 45 on Friday when Trump takes office.

Hayley seconded Trump’s severe criticism towards UN over their treatment of Israel in relation to a resolution passed in the Security Council demanding an end to building more settlements on Palestinian ground.

Hayley remarked from her statement that the passage of UN resolution 2334 was a terrible mistake which would lead to a deterioration of the fragile Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

When the U.S declined to veto the resolution to stop building more Jewish settlements, the Israeli Prime Minister labelled it as “shameful”.

Hayley promised to work with the Congress in reforming the world body and claimed that the American population is fed up of UN’s mistreatment of Israel.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons reportedly said that he prefers an elected leader with a strong will and experience at state level over someone who has been a long standing diplomat but chooses to parrot Trump’s opinions.

Acknowledging her lack of experience the former governor said that she hopes her governing experience will position her in a good place to start. She suggested that nothing was more successful for a Governor than the unification of people coming from different backgrounds and viewpoints over a common purpose.

Other Democrats including Coons, also a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, are not convinced. He rightfully expressed his concerns that USA’s opponents in the UN are well seasoned, veteran and ruthless diplomats.

However, outside the expert opinion and lack of experience, Governor Hayley is popular and highly supported in the Republican Party and by UN members in New York.

Additionally both parties have praised her previously for her role in the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from South Carolina Capitol grounds following the Charleston Church attack.

Hayley’s Indian background however might help to further the already well-established U.S-India relationship and it could act as a support for India in the UN as well.