Michelle Obama surprises fans recording messages for her on The Tonight Show


Screenshot from Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon : YouTube

In a heartwarming segment of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Obama surprised fans who thought they were called to be part of a farewell video for the soon to be former First Lady.

The people were asked to speak to a photo of Mrs. Obama, telling the camera what she means to them and how she has impacted their lives.

Little did they know that the First Lady, with Fallon, was listening from behind the curtains the whole time. She eventually reveals herself and approaches them to give them a heartening embrace.


Mrs. Obama has been one of the most involved First Ladies of the US. During her husband’s terms as President, she’s taken up initiatives to promote healthier living in the American society and provide access to quality education for all.

During her time in the White House, Mrs. Obama launched the Let’s Move campaign to address the challenge of childhood obesity. She pushed for healthier and cheaper lunches at school. Along with Mrs. Biden, she launched the Joining Forces initiative, calling upon Americans to support veterans and their families through wellness, employment and education opportunities. In 2015, she joined forces with her husband to launch a US government-wide initiative to provide girls around the world with quality education.

Other than the causes that she has been involved in, Michelle Obama has always had this magnetic energy around her that millions of Americans have connected to. Her endearing personality, her passion and most importantly her down-to-Earth persona is what resonated with so many people worldwide.

She’s reiterated that she has no intentions of ever running for president (despite the number of people who would want to see her run) but maintains that she will continue to be an active and proud citizen of the US.

Watch the clip here: