Trump chooses son-in-law Jared Kushner to be appointed as Senior Advisor


On Monday it was announced the Trump’s son-in-law will be appointed as his Senior Advisor. Kushner who played an integral role in Trump’s campaign, is now all set to be part of Trump’s cabinet.
There are a few issues regarding the appointment of Kushner as it will be tested against the Anti-Nepotism Law which challenges the appointment of relatives as a public-official.
Trump is already swamped in questions pertaining to how he plans to manage his companies’ conflict-of-interests as he takes his position in the White House.
According to sources, Kushner will be resigning from his Management positions he holds in his own companies, including his position as CEO of Kushner Companies and publisher of The Observer and positions with other organizations.
For his new position in the White House, Kushner will not be taking a salary but will have an interest in the financial policies that the White House will be enforcing.
As expected, within hours of Kushner’s appointment, top Democrats called House Judiciary Committee and issued a statement calling on the Justice Department and the Office of Government Ethics to review the appointment’s legality in light of the anti-nepotism law.
The Democrats have a strong case if you consider the White House an “agency” where the Anti-Nepotism Law is applicable. However, Republicans are arguing that the law only applies to presidential administrations and does not include White House officials. The Republicans feel that they have a stronger case than the Democrats and that Kushner should be hired without complications.
In the case that Democrats are successful in barring Kushner from taking up the position then Trump can exercise his powers to pardon Kushner for breaking the law and hire him anyway. The Senior Advisor’s position does not require the approval from the US Senate so it is highly likely that Kushner will be appointed.