Narendra Modi stands in support of Afghanistan again



Reiterating India’s close ties with Afghanistan, Narendra Modi became one of the first leaders to come out on Twitter and condemn the twin blasts near the Afghan Parliament in Kabul.

Nearly 30 people were killed and more than 80 wounded as a suicide bomber detonated himself near the Afghan Parliament at rush hour, which was followed by another powerful car bomb blast that shook the entire locality.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in what was one of the biggest terror incidents in Kabul for the past few months.  The target was Afghan intelligence officials, the statement by the Afghan Taliban further added.

Prime Minister Modi has been one of Afghanistan’s most loyal friends and has supported it on a wide number of issues when the support from the International community was by and large thin to non-existent.

Relations have also been affected by India’s adversarial relationship with Pakistan, with the later sharing a strained relationship with Afghans since independence. Pakistan has on occasions accused India of unnecessarily meddling in Afghan affairs which has fueled its suspicions of India using Afghanistan as a base to destabilize Pakistan through covert operations. India continues to deny the claims.

Afghan officials have also claimed in the recent past that Pakistan has been promotion cross border terrorism and of allowing its territory to be used by terror groups to launch attacks across the border into Afghanistan.

Modi despite all these geo-political issues continues to support reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and has even funded the new parliament building where the attacks took place earlier today.

Afghanistan continues to serve as a vital cog in the whole geo-political scenario of the region until the US-led NATO’s presence persists in the country.

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