More Travel on the Horizon for 2017


While New Year’s Resolutions may change each year from person to person, we know that travel often finds its way onto many people’s resolution list each January. Looking ahead, we can see people making the most of travel in 2017 for various reasons.

Airfare prices are down, with some people being able to find $50 one way tickets from Boston to Chicago the night before a flight. That’s not just for national flights, but great deals during specific dates are on international flights as well. If you’re headed somewhere within driving distance, even gas is less costly this year in January versus last year.

Travel agents forecast that lodging rates will not increase in 2017. That paired with the popularity of sharing economies AirBnB and Uber, makes it easier than ever to save on lodging and transportation, while also creating a specific itinerary of exactly where you want to visit and explore.

The a-la-carte mentality is here to stay. It was about a decade ago that the airline industry started charging checked baggage fees rather than including the first bag free. From there, we’ve seen less complimentary snacks and free meals. Some people are willing to pay for the extra legroom and the in-flight Wi-Fi. With all of these items being separate, you would think that this would cost you more, but instead, it allows the traveler to only incorporate what’s important to them. Southwest has always boasted including checked bags, and some travelers swear by flying with that airline so they don’t have to think about baggage fees. Other airlines like Delta, continue to serve snacks complimentary. By picking and choosing, it’s up to the traveler to decide what they want to pay for.

Each year, different destinations are on trend. One way to travel more would be to travel to the most cost-effective destinations. Seek out the next affordable city or country by researching peak seasons and off seasons. In some cities, lodging and public transportation is extremely affordable, like Buenos Aires. AirBnB apartments in Buenos Aires average $30 a night, while taxi rides are $2 per mile.

European vacations are usually a dream for those who have never been. With the news of the Brexit vote, the United States dollar is gaining considerable value against the pound, meaning the dollar will go farther on a vacation to Britain!

While travel isn’t always an option for everyone, there are a few small ways that add up over time to travel more often. You can seek out the most affordable flights, and the most cost-effective cities. With that, you can ideally squeeze in more trips this year than last year.