US House Votes to Repeal UN Resolution Criticizing Israeli Settlements


On Thursday, the US House approved the bipartisan measure that reprimands the UN’s resolution on questioning the legitimacy of Israeli Settlements.

In December last year, the US let the UN pass a resolution criticizing the presence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The non-binding resolution was passed 342-80 depicting an unwavering support for Israel and insisting that the US reject similar resolutions brought forth the UN that are biased and anti-Israel.

Typically, the Republicans have used the debate to barrage President Obama for betraying US’ closest, long-time ally.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said. “Our government abandoned our ally Israel when she needed us the most,”

“It is time to repair the damage done by this misguided hit job at the UN.”

The debate left the Democrats divided with an overwhelming amount voting in favor of Israel and against their own administration. They explained their position saying that the UN is painting a distorted and simplified picture of the complexities in the Middle East.

Despite voting against the UN resolution, Democrats remained in solidarity with the President. They disproved how the Republicans had once again jumped on the opportunity to bash President Obama as his term comes to an end.

Late December last year, US Secretary of State, John Kerry took a strong stance against Israeli settlements. It was the first time the US publically criticized Israel.

John Kerry explained that the US had always stood with Israel however in doing so, it had continually overlooked its own values.

“We cannot properly defend or protect Israel if we allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed our very own eyes,” explained Kerry.

In response, Benjamin Netanyahu has accused President Obama of pushing the resolution himself, calling it a “shameful ambush.” He also said that he was looking forward to working with President-Elect Trump, who also disparaged the President.

The US has always backed Israel and on many occasions has been Israel’s only support. It continues to provide Israel with billions of dollars’ worth of funds (almost $4billion annually).

However, with the passing of the UN resolution, the US expressed regret that Israel has not been upholding the two-state solution agreement with Palestine and continues to violate international law.