Moving Forward: Samsung Unveils New Smartphones for Its Galaxy A Series


Samsung’s all set to release its first smartphones since the Note 7 battery disaster last year.

Samsung is looking to target cost-conscious consumers with its Galaxy A Series. The line will serve as a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S Series.

The new line of smartphones consists of three devices, Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 and will be a launched at the end of the month. Each phone comes in a different size, A3 has a 4.7-inch display, A5 features a 5.2 inches and A7 has 5.7 inches.

The phones are water and dust resistant (a first for Samsung). All phones will also come with an inbuilt 16megapixels camera and ‘selfie-mode’ that allows you to take photos with a tap of a finger anywhere on the phone.

The phones will be encased in a metal frame with 3D glass backing (similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy S Series) and will be offered in black, gold, blue and pink. The new line will also feature fingerprint recognition. Despite looking like the older Galaxy S line, the phones’ processing power is much lower than the older line with just a 32GB internal storage.

The prices of the phones have not been officially announced but the previous phones of the A series begin at $400 while the average S Series phones begin at around $800.

After suffering a loss of billions of dollars with its massive recall of Note 7 smartphones, Samsung is looking to move forward with the introduction of new smartphones. The investigation report on the Note 7 is rumored to be made public by the end of the month.

Samsung’s next big smartphone, the Note 8, is expected to be unveiled in February and launch later this year.