LIFESTYLE – The Forthcoming Food Trends of 2017


Food trends come and go each year, some quicker than others, some staying long-term. There was the cronut, chicken and waffles, cake pops, and more recently, the sushi burrito. But then there are other food trends with more staying power such as avocado toast, ramen noodles, and micro-brewing. Before the days of social media and online sharing sites like Pinterest, trends would take years to spread. Now, when new trends appear at hip restaurants, in three months time home cooks will be bringing those trends into their homes.

Here are the 2017 food trends that are already making their way into people’s homes.


Poke is a Hawaiian dish made of marinated, raw fish over rice. Poke is often made with tuna, which offers plenty of health benefits. Healthy eating is itself a food trend that has been lasting some years now and only growing as time goes on. Other times, poke is prepared with octopus, which is another trend that we’ve been seeing this past year.

Amaro is an Italian herbal liqueur traditionally served as a digestif. Many digestifs are served after dinner, and like the name suggests, assists in digesting a meal. With the cocktail craze, mixologists have been coming up with new and creative drinks, often involving liqueurs like amaro. Popular amaros include Fernet, Jagermeister, and Cynar.

Delivery services and apps are not a new thing. While delivery services have always been popular in busy cities, apps like GrubHub, Doorstep Delivery, and even Uber Eats have been growing in numbers within the last year. For 2017, we predict that they will become even more popular in less urban areas. While mid-size cities are relying on delivery services more and more, we can expect to see some services become more readily available in suburban areas.

Flexitarian is a play on vegetarians – those who don’t eat any meat, and pescatarians – those who only eat fish. With healthy and organic foods being a standing trend, people are opting to eat less red meat within their weekly routine. By being “flexible,” they are able to still go out and enjoy a burger at a BBQ or a nice steak for a special occasion.

Japanese food, besides sushi, will be more popular among cities. Instead of just sushi (a long-time trend) and ramen (a new trend), other Japanese staples will be available including okonomiyaki which is a savory pancake, takoyaki which is fried octopus dough, and Japanese pickles which are made using a variety of small vegetables.

Turmeric has been reported to have health benefits and to even remedy and prevent certain illnesses. Turmeric is a part of the ginger family and is a predominant ingredient in curries and other Asian cuisines. We can expect to see more dishes at restaurants incorporating turmeric as one of the ingredients.

And of course, purple food. Mariah Carey stated that she was on a purple food only diet, which gave the trend more staying power. While only eating purple food is not a trend that we see lasting in 2017, incorporating more purple food into one’s flexitarian diet for more variety and healthier eating throughout 2017 is something we definitely see lasting through the year.