Tourists May Not Travel to Turkey in 2017 Due to Increased Terror Incidents


Turkey has been a tourist hotspot in recent years with nearly 40 million people pouring in 2014 to enjoy the exotic combination of Europe meets Asia and the Islamic heritage in the largely secular country. But the sector has definitely taken a big hit as terror incidents and unstable environment continue to act as turn offs for visitors from abroad.
Just on the New Year’s first night, 39 people were killed in a shooting incident at one of Istanbul’s most upscale nightclubs, Reina. Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack, which increased public anxiety for more to come.
Turkey has seen a coup attempt, Killing of a Russian ambassador, bombings in Ankara and the airport bombing at Istanbul in the past two years, making it a highly off the list item for tourists around the world.
The World Travel and Tourism Council has mentioned that Turkey’s tourism sector generates nearly 5% share of the country’s economy while also providing employment to more than 2 million people. The numbers will surely see a downward spiral as attacks continue unabated.
Tourism confidence takes some time to make a resurgence and it also requires a well-resourced public relations campaign to resurrect the dwindling tourist numbers. Turkey’s tourism sector will definitely need both of those if it needs to reclaim the numbers it saw in previous years.
However, Turkey is not alone, as France has also suffered a similar fate because of a number of terror-related incidents hitting the highly tourist friendly country in recent years. The Charlie Hebdo shootings and other similar attacks made visitors think twice before visiting the country in recent years.
In addition to all of these, the influx of Syrian refugees into the country can also pose a significant threat to the tourism sector as people become more scared of such attacks happening as the possibility of terrorists infiltrating the ranks of refugees increases highly.