Donald Trump Pins President Putin on Top of the Wall!



Source: Twitter

What remains unclear retains an aura of mystery. Probably this is the epitome of Donald Trump’s twitter outbursts. His tweets are sometimes quite vague and it is hard to come to a conclusion as to what the President-elect really meant with what he said.

Probably that has got to do something with Twitter’s character limits for each tweet, but this is something Trump has got to address soon as things are getting pretty sticky with all of these quite vague statements about highly important issues.

His latest tweet was a similar case as he talked about a supposed “delay” by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and he then went to praise his Russian counterpart by telling that he though the Putin is very smart.

The United States and Russia are now in the middle of a very cold period as allegations of Russian meddling through hacking in manipulating the US elections gain more and more heat, With the US even going to the point of asking 35 Russian diplomats to leave the country within the next 72 hours.

But the most surprising part of the story is that Russia didn’t seem to reply with the same measures against US diplomats in Russia. Putin even went to on to ask the US diplomats to celebrate their New Year with him in the Kremlin and he went on further and said that Russia won’t be expelling anyone. This was part of the official statement updated on the Kremlin’s website.

Donald Trump pinned his latest tweet to the top of his Twitter wall which went on to show how much he supported the Russian President. The hacking claims allege that Putin conspired to make Trump win the US elections, which did happen and it was a result that shocked everyone from economists to political pundits to the general public. On top of that Trump’s continued support of Putin and Putin’s seemingly “kind” gestures make this all very fishy and gives rise to heightened suspicions.

Putin’s mellow stance might be to buy time as Trump is to be inaugurated as US President in the next 20 days and begin times of special friendship and support. President Obama is on his way out, no matter what he does will probably won’t matter because there is no time to substantiate what he does.

Interesting times ahead indeed for Trump, Putin and the world at large.