New Hardware Troubles Emerge for the iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 7 Plus has a New Dual Lens Technology    Image Courtesy (

It’s not great news for Apple or Apple users post Christmas as the newest offering by the brand, iPhone 7 Plus, has been not been the perfect present one would have hoped for. As users unwrap the 7 Plus, a check on its much-touted dual lens camera might reveal a problem that can only be undone by replacing the handset altogether.

The phone seems to have an internal hardware issue that makes the result of the photos taken by it quite shabby as reported by a lot of users on the Apple community forums. One user named JayC100 posted

“I’m so glad someone else is having the same issue. All I keep hearing is how great the new pine camera is, but are they being paid to say that as mine is dreadful on my 7 plus.”

The user continued describing the problem with the camera’s picture quality and its results,

“I’ve taken photos in various lights and they’re all really bad quality (not my photography). Like MrBojingels, my iPhone 6 was a lot better quality. It’s mildly ok taking a close up but anything a foot away or more is a mess, even worse if I zoom in it’s like I’ve taken a soft focus 8bit picture.

I’ve force closed, hard reset, erased and restored with no effect hoping it was a software issue.

Any help with this would be great”

And this user is not the only one, there have been hundreds of similar people expressing their issues with the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera. The most noted complaint was that the pictures had either been tainted over by either a purple or a green hue; sometimes the camera just doesn’t operate and the seriously alarming mal-function to note was that while using the camera, a message for Phone overheating was being displayed.

Samsung’s Note 7 fiasco was in the headlines throughout the year for batteries that exploded or caught fire, requiring the company to recall all of their phones after initial efforts to replace or repair the beleaguered sets failed.

Apple seems to know about this fault and a call at the counter over the Genius Bar will get the phone repaired, or if that fails, Apple will replace it.

No official statement seems to have come out of Apple as yet but we hope that the 7 Plus doesn’t bring the same kind of damage to the Apple brand that the Note 7 got for Samsung.

The dreaded number 7 seems to be engulfing the mobile giants. It might not bode well for them in 2017.