Kim Jong Un replaces Jesus with His own Grandma – Latest on the “Tubby Tyrant”


North Korea’s unending woes continue as they will now be forced to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s grandmother’s birthday instead of Christmas from now onwards. The hermit country has been known to have other quite outrageous rules imposed on them by the immensely strong dictatorship which include a calendar based on the birth of Kim II Sung, and all teachers required to learn to play the Accordion.

The North Korean Dictatorship, currently led by Kim Jong Un, has been immensely powerful in the country since the 1950s and is known widely to rule by decree. The Dictatorship has created serious problems in the past for the World Community due to its threats to other countries, especially South Korea, and its Nuclear program.

It also has complete control over the lives of its people and is known to instigate myths on part of their leaders which include one stated in the official biography of Kim Jong II that mentioned him being an excellent golfer. He reportedly shot 11 holes in one and that was the first and the last he played.

Coming back to Christmas, The Dictatorship is highly intolerant of nearly all religions, especially Christians. There are nearly 50,000-70,000 Christians languishing in jails currently, which look more like concentration camps made for people who adhere to the Christian faith.

The current Dictator Kim Jong Un is especially paranoid of anything spelt “Christ” as he warned South Korea of war when the latter proposed to erect a large Christmas tree on the North- South Korean border in 2014.

Kim Jong Suk, Kim Jong Un’s grandmother, was born in 1919 on the 25th of December and is reportedly referred to as “Sacred Mother of the Revolution” as she was an active Communist activist and also an Anti-Japan Guerilla. She later married the first dictator of North Korea, Kim II Sung.

Jong Un reportedly wants North Koreans to celebrate her birthday instead of the usual Christmas Day celebrations that ensue on the 25th of December all around the world.

Known to house unicorns and have the cure for AIDs, Jong Un might just have gone from just doing things that look funny to a thing that looked crude and intolerant.