Trump wants to expand US Nuclear Capabilities!


Donald Trump has made twitter his empire, his personal spokesperson and his preferred form of contact to the outer world. However unprecedented this strategy might be for an elected US President to indulge in such behavior, one thing is undeniable, His words definitely hold weight even if they are using twitter as a medium.

The most recent in these certainly controversial tweets is his newest one where he has the opinion that the United States, already by far the world’s biggest nuclear power, should continue to expand its capabilities in the field.

The most challenging part of the tweet is when he says “until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding the nukes”. This line is open for anyone to interpret owing to its ambiguity and that too on such a highly sensitive topic.

When the person who now holds the world’s most powerful office calls for an increase in the nuclear capabilities and considering his hardline stance on everything else, this indeed calls for trouble, even if for the time being it’s confined to the social media.

Banning Muslims and building a wall to keep Mexicans out are some of the things he continuously said during his highly controversial campaign and the journey has not ended as he skewered Boeing on the same platform regarding a deal related to a future Air Force One Plane.

The President spoke so nonchalantly about the issue just after he was officially elected after a formal vote by the Electoral College is indeed a call to worry more about where this is going and where we will end up in the Trump-a-coaster that’s going haywire on Twitter.

Let’s reserve our thoughts for now until a new tweet creeps up and clarifies what he actually meant.

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