Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis has the voice of God


Zuckerberg catching his shirt thrown by “Jarvis”

The founder of the world’s biggest social networking site, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed his new AI system named Jarvis in a video posted on his official Facebook page yesterday.
Jarvis is seen in the video as a personal home assistant, doing different tasks around the house as Zuckerberg shows the integration of the system with his daily routine.
Although many people didn’t notice, the voice of Jarvis is none other than Morgan Freeman. The man who voiced God in the cult film Bruce Almighty was approached by Zuckerberg after he presented the Breakthrough awards. Mark told that Morgan Freeman readily agreed to provide his vocals for Jarvis.
The video is quite interesting as Jarvis is shown making toast, playing music, giving suggestions, cannoning a T-shirt and even getting involved in the family play time.
Mark’s newest innovation, which he supposedly built himself, is one of the first public demonstrations of an AI assistant in a home setting. Google and Amazon are also building similar systems but they have promotional videos that are animated and were not able to provide clear insights on how these systems would actually feel when they are installed in one’s house.
The voice of Morgan Freeman further amplifies the human factor as people are supposed to relate more to a human voice rather than bot vocals. The idea that AI-systems can include the voices of famous celebrities as options on how systems like Jarvis will sound like further adds more believability into this highly innovate idea.
It’s unclear when Mark would like to push his newest innovation into the market for sale from the video but the system seems like it is ready to be adopted by homes worldwide.
The video further details that Jarvis can also communicate through chat messages but it would need a separate messaging app to do so. Jarvis was coded wholly by Mark as part of yearly challenges he takes up each year ranging from learning Mandarin to reading books. This year he gave everyone a little special something to remember fondly and a future dream to wonder about.