German Truck Horror – Pakistani Released! Police now seek a Tunisian Man!


Berlin, Germany-Police are now in search of a Tunisian Man allegedly named Anis A, after they released the previous suspect, a Pakistani named Naveed A, due to lack of “evidence”.
Naveed A was arrested from within a kilometer of the incident after the police went into a reflex action following the horrific incident in Berlin’s Christmas Market which left 12 people dead and around 50 were injured.
The police found a temporary stay permit during the search of the truck used in the attack, which named the man as “Anis A.” and referred to his birthplace at Tataouine. The town of Tatouine, which inspired the planet of Tatooine in the Star War Series, now lies in high conflict zone in the fight against ISIS.


A thorough and extensive search operation is being carried in the state of North Rhine – Westphalia where the permit was issued.
The driver, a polish citizen named Lukasz Urban, was found dead in the truck and had multiple gunshot wounds as well as indications of stabbings, which signified that a struggle to wrest control of the truck went on in the cabin went on for quite a while. This opened up the prospect that the suspect could also have been seriously injured in the fight with the driver.
There was no gun found inside the lorry but the police are examining the DNA remnants that may provide valuable evidence and lead towards confirmation as to who was in the truck when the assault began.
In another related development, IS claimed the responsibility of the attack and said that one of its “soldiers” carried out the attack but it was not clear whether this was just opportunism or a true rendition. The release came through the Amaq News Agency, run by the militant organization.
The German President visited the victims and told them that he and the whole German community are with them in their time of need.

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