Trump’s Personal empire and Russian Interventions- Are Americans Safe?


President Elect Donald Trump is all set to administer his oath to claim the most coveted office in the world. Riding on a campaign that seemed to be quite dramatic as it involved a Mexican Wall, A Muslim Barricade and open doors to Taiwan, Trump seemingly wasn’t prepared for such a huge victory.

Hilary lost and people wailed as she won 3 million votes more than Trump but got Trumped due to the functioning of the Electoral College.

A page called TrumpGrets was born, where people posted their regrets related to Trump’s performance which were too many to count. Ranging from reconciling with Silicon Valley to removing the Muslim Immigration line from his official website, everything before and after, has been immensely controversial.

But people, keep on reading about him, it’s all going Trump Trump everywhere. It also seems like he is going to run his Presidency from Twitter rather than the White House. Tormenting companies just through his tweets, just ask Boeing!

But is there something fishy going in there as well? Well, it’s against the ordinary course of events, that’s for sure, but is it really real is all that we continue to ask ourselves.

When the security agencies signaled signs of Russian Intervention in probably the most controversial election in US history, the dangers actually grew, rather than a mystery unraveling.

Americans are unsafe!

Vladamir Putin is known to meddle in other country’s affairs, everyone does that, not such a big deal. But Putin is on to something this time, of electing a man that everyone was against, in popular media at least. If that’s the case, then the might of the American Democracy is at stake.

When Moscow can control their fates, Americans are unsafe.

When Trump continuously declines to share his tax details and is involved in his business empire even as U.S President, compromising ethics and involving personal interests before the national ones, Americans are unsafe.

Making way for Ivanka Trump and Jarod Kuschner to attend meetings with, giving rise to a political dynasty rather than the First Family, Americans are unsafe. They didn’t elect Ivanka, they elected Donald. The plane is being flown by the pilot’s daughter. Americans are unsafe.

In the months to come, this threat will open up and then we will understand how to defend ourselves, till then, you and every American is unsafe.