Uk Football Scarred Forever as Former Coach Barry Bennell Faces the Court


The coming forward of Crewe Alexandria’s player Andrew Woodward into the limelight with his sexual abuse allegations at the hands of a former coach of the club has rocked the UK football fraternity, the game’s richest and most powerful bastion.

After child abuse scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church and people from the entertainment business, the new series of child abuse in English Football leagues is a sign of huge worry for the British authorities.

The Authorities have failed to devise a handy mechanism to deal with special power structures as child sexual abuse goes rampant in the British sovereignty. When a child who loves football more than anything else and dreams of being part of the English Football team one day get shut down by his tormentor on the pretext of “ruining his career if he resists”, has raised huge question marks over what controls might be needed to curb this menace.

Woodward, the man who started it all, told that there 4 continuous years where he was assaulted sexually by his former coach Barry Bennell who has been convicted previously in the US and in Britain of sexual assault involving minors and has also served jail time in both countries.

The most harrowing part in the UK football began when Mr. Woodward decided to come out with the allegations in public and became the first professional player to do so, shaking the whole system where previously incidents like this were hushed up through cash and conviction by club management officials.

Gary Johnson, another victim, threatened to come out with his own set of allegations but he was offered “money” by Chelsea to keep his silence to the public and media two years age.

Barry Bennell, the man who assaulted Woodward, has been remanded in custody and appeared via a video link in the hearing on the case by Crewe’s Magistrate.

He is set to face charges in a court hearing on 11 January 2017, in Chester Crown Court. He has been living with a changed identity since being convicted of charges the last time.

Hundreds of other players have also come out with their own similar experiences as the police received over 1000 calls and the greatest matter of concern here is that 98 football clubs from the UK will be involved in this huge controversy as it leads forward and garners even more confessions.

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