Rebel-held east being evacuated as Assad’s Forces secure Aleppo


More than 50,000 people are still present in Eastern Aleppo

The last rebel stronghold in Eastern Aleppo will be the last one to fall as thousands are being led out of the city

Government backed forces secured large parts of Aleppo in what could be termed as a decisive turn in the Syrian Civil War in favor of Bashar al-Assad. The city saw a major offensive take place as hundreds posted videos online on different social media networks to document what they termed as their “Last Goodbyes”.

Red Cross officials operating in the area said that there were nearly 200 hundred people who had been wounded and are being shifted to medical facilities. A ceasefire to let people evacuate the enclave held by rebels is being observed since 3:00 GMT as buses were seen on the scene carrying people out of Aleppo.

“4,000 rebels and their families would be evacuated from eastern districts on Thursday” Syrian State TV added and also indicated that the preparations to carry them out safely have now been completed.

The rebel-controlled province of Idlib will be the place of refuge for these internally displaced people (IDPs) but it remains to be seen how the rebels react to people being brought in by Government forces after the win in Aleppo. Khan Touman, which lies at a distance of 5 miles from Aleppo, will be the first stopover for the IDPs.

Some patients are going to be supposedly treated at a hospital in Turkey, which lies just 25km away from the Syrian-Turkish border.

The bloody civil war has been continuing since the Arab Spring, but Assad was not as weak as other similar leaders. The larger part of the Aleppo win goes to Russian involvement and backing which took out the zing from the rebel forces, which, until then, had been backed by the West, primarily the USA.

Syria has been torn in a bloody civil war between Government and Rebel forces, who wanted an ouster of Assad but the war now seems to have entered in its final stages as Aleppo is secured by the Government forces.