Trumpgrets – Former Trump Supporters Get a Rude Awakening


Much to the world’s dismay, Trump will most likely be inaugurated as the President of the world’s superpower, the United States of America. There is little that can be done to reverse what took place on November 8th, 2016, however, this Tumblr is collecting all tweets by former Trump supporters who are now expressing regret in choosing to vote for Trump as their new leader.

Similar to what followed Brexit, Trump supports are openly regretting their support for the President Elect.  As Trump goes back on his promises one at a time, his supporters are beginning to realize that Trump is becoming part of the same swamp he wished to drain.

Trump’s back-tracking began shortly after he won the 2016 election when he stated that the infamous ‘wall’ between US and Mexico is actually just going to be a fence. It was not long after that Trump announced that he is, in fact, going to keep several provisions from Obamacare which he continuously trashed throughout his campaign. But the greatest blow to his supports came when Trump declared that he would not be filing a lawsuit against Hilary Clinton and that the Clintons are actually ‘good people’.

It seems that former Trumpers have finally had enough and are beginning to see that Trump, despite being an outsider, is no different to other politicians. Their sentiments are being collected in a Tumblr named Trumpgrets. The Tumblr includes tweets where Trump supporters are not only showing concern for Trump’s actions but are also begging him to stop tweeting. It was known to everyone that Trump can use Twitter rashly but apparently his followers expected him to be more responsible once he was elected. Unfortunately for them, this did not happen as Trump continues to rant on Twitter making his breakdowns visible for the world to see. Recently, Trump used his Twitter to announce new policies (i.e. Medicare) and his former supporters were quick to note that there really is little difference to previous ones (i.e. Obamacare) sending Twitter into a frenzy. Trump also tweeted that he will be considering Mitt Romney for office, which again did not go down well with his followers. All of this can be seen on Trumpgrets and surely there’s much more to come.

It is ironic that Social Media, which was being blamed for putting Trump in office through fake, sensationalist news is now the platform to watch the unraveling of Trump campaign.