A New Gift Awaits Trump at the White House


President Elect Donald Trump is all set to enter the White House but that is not the only thing he will get keys for.

The new President, who has been known to travel in style and even has his own private jet with his name imprinted on its exteriors, will have an equally impressive set of wheels to carry him around as he takes office.

The iconic Presidential car “The Beast” has transported numerous Presidents on their road journeys but Trump’s new Presidential car has not been announced as yet but recent spy photographs show that General Motors might be in the final stages of prepping the new “Beast” to its White House owner at the inauguration ceremony to be held in January 2017.


The photographs show the car has been disguised in camouflage that raised suspicions that it is the car that is going to be used by Donald Trump once he assumes office. The car is almost the same as the previous one but the grille is from the new model of the same series by Cadillac.

The security features of the “Beast” are a very closely guarded secret at this point in time due to the highly secretive nature of the automobile but previous models have had the armor and equipment that can rival a tank or gilded truck or even better.

The floor of the car is protected by a steel plate to protect from road bombs and the fuel tank is reinforced to take a direct hit and not explode.

The doors are as thick as those of a Boeing 747 being 8 inches while the glass windows can take on armor piercing direct fire and stay intact. The tires are shard and puncture proof and the boot of the car carries 2 pints of the President’s blood in addition to also having a backup oxygen cylinder.

It even protects against chemical attacks by becoming isolated in the case of one happening near the President’s convoy which carries 12 similar vehicles from Cadillac.

The estimated cost of the “Beast” has been estimated to be around $1.5 million owing to all those extreme security modifications done to it. After the President leaves his office, the car which he used is transferred to his museum. Looks like Donald Trump is all set to assume office as the 45th President of the United States of America this January.