WhatsApp Launches New Streaming Feature


Right after launching Video Calling, WhatsApp comes back with yet another feature

One of the nuisances of using WhatsApp has to be the unwanted media that takes up a considerable portion of our phone’s storage – whether you want it or not.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that lets you stream videos while they are downloading in the background. Users do not have to wait for the whole video to download before they can view the video, making it a lot easier for users to handle and stream videos and effectively cutting out the wait time.

There are a number of ways this feature works. If your phone has the “download media automatically” enabled, the video will start downloading instantly and show you the progress, as usual. Now you do not have to wait for the whole video to be downloaded, you can start viewing the video as soon as portions of it have been downloaded and the progress bar at the footer of the video will be replaced with the duration of the video.

Although, if your device has not been setup to download media automatically, the play button will still appear but you will have the option of streaming the video without actually having to download the video to your device.

Not one to be the best of apps when it comes to new features and updates, WhatsApp has recently been proactive in introducing new features and improving the overall functionality of the application. I guess the 1 billion user mark really set them on the path to progression!