Lufthansa Might Not Make It Home for Thanksgiving This Year


The Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day are some of the best times for companies looking to cash in on the increased sales and footfalls for their products and services but how unfortunate would it be if you were to miss out on this opportunity?

The airline industry is one of the most cutthroat industries in the world and its seasons like these that help these airlines take advantage of the higher number of people willing to travel back to their homes to spend the holiday dinner with their families.

But Lufthansa might not be able to make it this year’s holiday season as it has already canceled 2618 flights amidst a fourth consecutive day of strike by its pilots.

The strike started on Wednesday after Lufthansa’s pilots stopped operations on all flights due to a pay dispute. The pilots are of the opinion that they have not been given a pay rise in the preceding half decade and are demanding an average pay rise of 3.7% annually for the undergone period which makes for a nearly 20% increase to their current remuneration plans.

Initially, the strike was supposed to last just 24 hours on Wednesday but it got extended after the dispute remained unsolved. Lufthansa has had to grapple with thousands of stranded passengers at different airports and cities as it continues to book and hold hotels rooms in Munich and Frankfurt that currently number in thousands.

It even arranged folding cots to accommodate those passengers who cannot leave the airport terminals due to visa restrictions and would have to stay there until the strike ends.

The pilot’s demand was backed by their argument that the airline has had record profits in recent years and the senior management has advantaged from it by experiencing up to 30% rise in their pay.

Customers have been left frustrated and it doesn’t look well for Lufthansa as the repercussions of this strike will lead to a bad image of the airline in the times to come, especially in holiday seasons. The airline had a similar experience last year when its flight attendants went on a strike with the same demand that the pilots currently have, leading to nearly 4700 flight cancellations.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa has offered the pilot’s union to enter into a negotiation stage and arbitrate on the matter but the problem is yet to be resolved.

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