Google Releases New “Real-Time” Feature for Shoppers


Black Friday is great for shopping at highly amazing prices which you might not get for the rest of the year, making it a tantalizing opportunity for everyone looking to pounce on a great deal in a nearby store.

But the biggest turn off for every shopper here are the wild crowds that gather at all the stores and shops this time of the year, wanting to avail the awesome offers just like you.

Would you like to nudge and push your way forward? Don’t worry, Google is your savior this holiday season to avoid all the hassle in shopping.

You will now be able to check through real-time data as to how much a store or place is busy at a certain time of the day. The new rave addition has been added to Google’s Popular Times feature which will now show a “Live” red bar that will signify how busy the place is with a particular status update as well like “busier than usual” to help shoppers take a decision of going for it or delaying it for the crowds to disperse.

Popular times was added to Google Maps and Search back in July 2015 but then it used to rely on historical trends and data to give you a “speculative” layout of the occupancy of the place you searched. In addition to showing you real time data on the occupancy, the feature will also tell you how much time people are spending there as well.

How it is done?

Google uses its app on users that choose to share their location with Google to determine the live results given on the Popular Times feature. The timing for the launch was this year’s Black Friday shopping season, where more people would be enticed to use the feature to know the current crowd situation of the place they are to visit shortly.

The feature is also going to help shoppers for the whole season which includes Christmas and New Year which are some of the other great times when discounts and the number of shoppers out there go up to a pretty high point.

Business, however, will be slightly affected by this feature as people will usually avoid places where they see “busy” tags for later, making for low footfalls after a big crowd gathering at some places.

Google has also used this technology previously in its Maps feature to determine the load of traffic at particular areas in another display of the advantages of “real time” data relay.

“Whether you’re rushing to pick up a last minute gift or seeking a lively bar for some festive spirit, check Popular Times for a sneak preview of what to expect when you arrive,” said Google in a blog post related to the launch of the new real-time data relay feature

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