Paris Gets It Wrong as London’s Tussauds All Set to Present Trump’s Wax Statue Before 20th January


As the London branch of the iconic Madame Tussauds readies itself for 20th January, the date on which the new U.S President-Elect, Donald Trump would take oath, to unveil its very own wax statue of Trump, Paris got it wrong as they piped Hilary to win the election and are now left with an unfinished version of the losing candidate.

London’s Tussauds is showcasing its current progress through the display of pictures of the painstaking journey of making Trump’s wax statue, Paris is set to tag behind as it races against all odds to match London for the Trump statue before the oath takes place.

A French Newspaper reported that the Paris Tussauds would set aside their Hilary statue if there is a need in the future to display it.

Clay sculptures of both the Presidential candidates have previously been unveiled before the election took place on Tuesday on what turned out to be one of the most difficult, exciting and shocking polls to have taken place in decades.

Trump stunned everyone as he upstaged Hilary, despite stirring up numerous major controversies during his campaign that ranged from sexual abuse allegations and outcry from non-white groups present in the US for his oft-repeated nationalistic and racist remarks pertaining to illegal immigrants.

The real estate mogul will become the only President in U.S history to have had two wax statues made for him, with the previous one being commissioned in 1997; long before any dreams of a Trump led America had taken ground.

The Paris version of Trump’s wax statue would be ready in no less than 6 months as quoted in a statement by the Managing Director of Madame Tussauds, Paris.

Madame Tussauds is an iconic chain of 17 museums spread around the globe which display real life wax statues of famous people and celebrities and continues to woo its visitors with its iconic range of breathtaking real life wax sculptures.

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