Tom Coughlin Hints at a Return to Professional Coaching


An NFL return might not be out of the cards for Tom Coughlin as he kept showing his inclination towards a comeback during the Bengals vs Tigers Game on Monday. He has not been away from professional coaching for a long time but his itch to stage a comeback is becoming increasingly pronounced since his many appearances.

Tom shared his thoughts in the game and said that his Doppler is back up and his enjoyment has increased in the game from the time he retired.

The tough and exciting contest in the game that night might have served as a cause to the increase in the level of renewed interest Coughlin showed in returning to the position of coach.

Coughlin coached the New York Giants for a pretty long period and stepped down from this position at the start of this year as the Giants registered their third losing season straight in a row. He has been concentrating on his foundation since then but things could change in the offseason.

Currently, there are no vacancies for coaches in any of the teams but they might come up once the season ends. He is currently helping the NFL as an advisor on Football affairs in a position that fits his age and experience but he looks far more interested in what happens on the ground than what happens outside of it.