Thursday Night Football Games for NFL Will Now Be Run by NBC Sports


As the television ratings for NFL broadcasts stay disappointing this season, NFL is keen on taking steps to bolster its plummeting rankings.

The declining interest in this year’s seasons has been due to some bad luck as well because the much-touted Presidential campaign garnered far more interest of audiences overshadowing everything that lay in its path, even the NFL. The ratings for this year’s seasons have been dismal to say the least as numbers are down in double digits.

In a bid to change this, NFL has brought in NBC sports to broadcast their Thursday night Football Franchise as the pace picks up after the Elections recede in the background, giving way to other events to capture their ratings.

This Sunday held some promise in that regard as the game between Seattle and New England managed an audience that was 16 percent higher than a similar game played out last year, drawing numbers of 22.5 million viewers, seen as a positive sign for the remaining part of the season for NFL. The broadcast was done by NBC.

The Thursday night football event was started in order to bring a rival to the stronger Monday and Sunday versions and partly to increase the viewership gained on the league-owned NFL Network, but during this the league found out that it was far more lucrative and sane to broadcast these games via a mainstream media network rather than their own channel which failed to bring the desired results despite repeated attempts.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was also looking to revamp the pace of NFL games, which, in his opinion, had become quite “slow” for general audiences by taking steps such as lowering ad runtimes and increasing the pace of reviews.

The NFL’s Thursday night franchise has also been hurt in due part to player’s disinterest in it as it leaves little time to prepare for a game on Sunday’s main attraction event.