The U.S Restaurant Industry will be Impacted Heavily by Trump’s Policies


2016 President Elect Donald Trump will be the center of attention for chefs and restaurants across the U.S, as his policies are going to make a heavy and hard impact on them.

A self-declared fast food lover, Trump couldn’t contain his love for fast food during his Presidential Campaign and told that he took a liking to restaurant chains as part of his billionaire lifestyle that has intrigued many.

The restaurants might not have so much good to take out from Trump, despite his love affair with fast food, as his policies might adversely affect the fast food industry operations and make them go downhill.

His tough stance on immigration policies is going to have a direct impact on this business which relies heavily on immigrants to fulfill their vast needs for cheap labor. The restaurant business is going to have a hard time if Trump completes his vows to the nation.

The rise in minimum wage rates is also a huge cause of concern towards Trump’s proposed policies as the fast food chains won’t be able to cope up with increased expenses in a pertinent manner as consumer spending patterns and competitiveness allow for lower profit margins. Trump’s remarks regarding Mexicans and Hispanics made Trump fall into controversies as Two Chefs, who were poised to open up new restaurants at Trump International Washington D.C, invoked legal interference for his controversial opinion which garnered high media and public attention.

Despite these concerns, everything is not going downhill as the restaurant owners seem happy on Trump’s stance regarding ObamaCare, a program which they see as averse to their profitability. The health program not only hikes up costs on employees incurred by the Restaurants but also cuts down the customer potential to spend as they have to give up large amounts of their incomes towards it.

Trump’s steps in the U.S as President are going to have far reaching implications as all hard-lined policies do, indicating a need for a control mechanism to neutralize the domino effect that these policies are bound to incur if they are implemented like Trump proposed.