The Peaks Would Now be more “Distanced” as Toblerone Reduces Its Size


Toblerone, one of the most adored chocolate brands around the globe, has initiated a “Cut down” in size of its signature bar which means that there will now be more distance between the “Trademark triangular peaks” that lined the chocolate bar in Britain.

Mondelez International Inc, the company which produces Toblerone, cited rising costs behind its decision to cut back on the size and weight of its bars affecting its shape as well. The change now makes the bar weigh close to 150 grams, down from its previously heavier bulk of 170 grams as the price stays the same.

The company’s decision is going to upset the fans of Toblerone as the change in shape would make the bar quite different from what they are usually set to seeing whenever they open the triangular box. Mondelez has taken the reverse strategy of cutting back on quantity offered while letting the price remain the same, instead of raising the price, which might cause disappointment.

Produced in the City of Berne, Switzerland, Toblerone’s new weight is due to increase in the overall prices of many ingredients that go into its making, a company official was cited as saying.

Another reason of this change is due to the devaluing of the Euro currency against the Swiss Franc which has led to an increase in production costs for Mondelez Inc, making it difficult for them to continue their efforts at the same level.

Since Brexit, the lowering of the pound has led to higher prices across Britain for consumer items as imported items now charge a higher price than they did earlier. In Toblerone’s case, rising Cocoa prices since the last 3 years, have also contributed to the shift in Company’s signature bar from its previously offered design.