The Mannequin Challenge Craze Starts to Engulf English Football


After the resounding success of the ALS Ice bucket challenge in which the power of social media was checked into creating and sustaining trends that can involve celebrities and the general public with equal ease, there is a new trend on social media sites that has created a new frenzy.

The Mannequin Challenge, which was done by the Players from the English Football Team on Tuesday after their match was drawn against Spain, has become the latest idea to hit social media buffs as everybody is lining up to take on the unique and bemusing opportunity to present themselves as “Mannequins” by stopping in striking poses in good numbers.

What is great about this is that it allows a lot of people to be inducted into the video, making it a group affair that has in recent times being taken up by lots of notable people including the losing Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton and Star Performers Beyonce and Adele.

Jamie Vardy thought that a winning pose would be great for their very own video for the challenge as he was joined in the gig by teammates Sterling and Walcott.

There have been lots of celebrities that have made similar videos like one made by Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in London before they headed for the ATP World Finals.

Even BBC was not far behind as its team for the NFL show did a Mannequin Challenge video that had pundits Jason Bell and Osi Umeniyora joining in on the fun on sets.

Florida, America is the place where this trend first came into being at a high school after which the response to the 16-year-olds, who seemingly started the phenomenon, had left them amazed and bewildered. WWE superstars and American Football Teams have also been seen doing the Mannequin Challenge and posting it online to get things going from their end.