The Homeless Get the Front Seat at Vatican as Ennio Morricone Honors Them


A very special night just concluded at the Vatican where the homeless people from Rome and adjoining areas were honored by Ennio Morricone, Oscar-winning legendary composer in a concert where the star played some of his great compositions to a packed house.

Morricone, who is 88, has had a great year up till now as he just recently bagged an Academy Award for “The Hateful Eight”, capped off the evening with a new and fresh composition titled “God, One of Us” specially composed for the great event.

Ennio delved into orchestra tunes from some of his famous compositions from films like “Once Upon a Time in America” and “The Mission”. Morricone had made sound scores for these films that ended up being hailed as iconic.

The event took place in a large auditorium in Vatican City, earmarked for Pope Francis’s general audiences, as the numbers swelled up with the homeless seeing off a rare proposition where they were valued beyond measure.

The audience was elated as Ennio continued to perform, overwhelmed by the occasion which will continue into Sunday when The Pope is to honor them again in a special Mass. These events are a part of the Jubilee Year of Mercy celebrations held annually by the Holy See and the Vatican.

Homeless were given a free pass to the event while those who paid should end up happy as their money would be going into build Schools and help in missionary efforts in places like Uganda.

The Vatican sees this event as a landmark occasion where the poor and homeless are being honored to give out a similar message to the world as it grapples with the increasingly difficult refugee crisis that has received polarized opinions across the European Region.