Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Receives a Special Gift from Skittles


Companies have had associations with players for a very long time now as it provides them with an opportunity to let their products have a wider audience through which the player can earn some great and lucrative deals.

It’s all commercialism and pure business after all. So, when a company indulges in the kind of behavior of reciprocating love towards a player in a heart touching manner, the moment is sweet and to be savored for life.

Skittles, the world-renowned candy company, did a similarly great thing when it sent a surprise gift to Antonio Brown’s House. Antonio’s love for Skittles is known far and wide and he has been on the receiving end of countless gifts from the company who also love its star admirer back in the same measure.

A personal vending machine of Skittles in your own home can be a great gift for anyone, but how rarely does that happen? But Antonio got lucky when Skittles sent it to his home so that he can savor his favorite candy all he wants. It was announced in a tweet by Skittles which stated:

“Skittles has built a custom vending machine for Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown for his home”

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) November 15, 2016

Obviously, Antonio was highly amused and elated at the move. Not being able to control his excitement, he said

“These @Skittles got me like… ? #TasteTheRainbow #sponsor”

— Antonio Brown (@AntonioBrown) November 15, 2016

The vending machine also carries Antonio’s signature and the slogan “Business is Booming”