Starbucks Ready for the Holiday Season With 13 New Cup Designs


Starbuck, in a great move, asked its customers to design its cups for the upcoming holiday season, instead of relying on its own creative team to do the job for them. The design submissions were received through Instagram while the cups retained their red color, on which the narrowed down options of the designs would go on place.

Out of nearly 1200 submissions which the brand received since it floated the idea to its customer base last December, 13 were selected based on the strength of their traditional and mass appeal. The designs are going to include reindeers and Christmas lights as the main attractions for its holiday offering.

This move was greeted with overwhelming response and was a great comeback by Starbucks after their 2015 cup debacle where the dullness of design led to unpopularity amongst its even most loyal circles.

Out of the total tally of 13, 11 will be available in the U.S. The company unveiled 10 designs from the collection on Thursday.

Starbucks needed a certain revamp after the critics denounced their cup range last year as being portraying anti-Christmas spirits and was later sunk even more after the Now-President Elect, Donald Trump suggested that people should not visit Starbucks and boycott it altogether. As Trump won the Presidency, it would be interesting to see now whether there would be any added furor over the coffee giant by the fiery leader.

The Chain has been known to follow trends and events with its branding and marketing campaigns in a bid to be more known across increasing circles of influence across its presence. The 2016 U.S election saw Starbuck revealing a positively intended green cup symbolizing unity which was made up of a mosaic of nearly a hundred people from different walks of life.

Let’s wait to see the remaining designs from the Holiday range by Starbucks to be revealed before the holiday season begins this year.