Manchester United Players told to not have sex after midnight by Coach Pep


Talking to L’Equipe du Soir, a television show in France, Samir Nasri revealed how Manchester United’s coach Pep Guardiola has initiated a time frame on the player’s sexual activities. He said the coach wanted them to get done with all of the sex they wanted before midnight, after which it will be banned to all in a bizarre rule that has left lots of people bemused.

Samir further added that Pep did it so that he could make sure that each player is getting a good night’s sleep on schedule and that includes all nights and not just pre-game nights. Even if you have a free day tomorrow you can’t open your clothes after midnight as told by Guardiola.

The staff at Manchester United was told to make calls to check on players after midnight to ensure that they were eased into their sleep and were not awake.

That the rule held advantage to the players as per Guardiola was backed by quite a “Famous” person’s physical fitness as Samir told that:

“Relations must be before midnight. Even if you have a free day the following day,” “It’s so you can have a good night’s sleep. He told us this is how he managed to get the best out of Messi and Lewandowski, and for them to avoid the maximum number of muscular injuries.”

Messi avoided muscular injuries because he followed the same rule by Guardiola. Messi had not commented on it till the time this story was filed.

Samir also talked about Guardiola’s hard fitness standards as he did not allow him to train with the City’s First Team because he had returned after becoming overweight by 4kgs, not much to be left out of training, but high enough to let Guardiola “Kick” him in the butt and banning him from training with the first tier team.

Nasir has turned to Sevilla as Guardiola was not giving him an assurance that he would be seen playing in the Manchester United’s first team.