Ireland Formally Joins the Race to Host Rugby World Cup 2023 after France and South Africa


Entering the final race for hosting the Rugby World Cup 2023, Ireland announced that the bid is now launched officially as the announcement came by Dick Spring, the chairman of the board overseeing the bid.

The decision on who will get the go ahead will be taken next year in November. World Rugby has awarded the right to hosting the 2019 World Cup to Japan, after which there have been hints that the next host will be placed with an immense following of the game leaving two favorites who will compete on the ground i.e. South Africa and Ireland.

Ireland will have a tough task ahead of it in the form of favorites, South Africa which has lost the bid for the last three times and last hosted one in 1995. South Africa will be the hot favorite for hosting the 2023 World Cup and is far more experienced at handling international sporting events of such magnitude in recent past and making them achieve resounding success.

Ireland’s bid is helped by the fact that it’s fresh and will have plenty of resources to indulge in such a venture successfully having little prior engagements of this nature.

The campaign has garnered quite a lot of interest as Dick announced that they had managed to secure pledges amounting to 40% of the total 27 votes that will decide the fate of the final hosts.

If Ireland manages to win the bid, Dublin’s Croke Park, its biggest stadium, is set to begin preparations to host the final while the rest of the matches will be played out in different rugby and Gaeltic stadiums across Ireland.