Dubai Starts Construction on a Building Slated to be Taller than Burj Khalifa


Dubai which currently holds the title for housing the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, has started construction on another ginormous project which will be taller than Burj. The construction for which began last month.

The project came as a result of Saudi Arabia announcing the much hyped “Kilometer Tower” or the Jeddah Tower which was piped to outstrip the Burj Khalifa of its crown of being the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Emitting light from its pinnacle at night, this building will be supported by tethered cables as part of its design structure. Santiago CalatRava, the Spanish-Swiss Architect known for his iconic designs and futuristic approach in previous projects like The Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center, New York and the Museum of Tomorrow at Rio, Brazil, is the person who designed the project in collaboration with Aurecon.

The building will be different from its predecessors in the fact that it will have open green spaces and a symbolic Islamic architectural touch as it is shaped in the form of a Minaret. The project will cost around $1 billion to complete by its deadline in 2020.

The Middle East region has seen a transformation in terms of building huge structures taking the mantle from the West – where it was the trend until economic slowdown and low intensity of cash flows stopped them from getting involved in similar feats.

Dubai heads for tomorrow and aims to portray itself as a diversified economy reducing its dependence on oil exports. This transformation is led in large part by promoting Dubai as a global hub of tourism and the project in question will be more than just a building as it will make sure that Dubai’s positioning across the globe stays the same and the trend of taking a photo with the Burj is just replaced by a stroll down Dubai to the magnanimous “The Tower”.