Columbia’s Wrestling Team Sends Inappropriate Text Messages and Gets Barred from participation this season


An investigation has been launched by the Columbia University on its wrestling team after a string of text messages surfaced which showed that the players were passing on lewd and obscene remarks that were seen as racist and misogynistic. The matter also barred the wrestling team from taking any further part in the ongoing season till the investigation is completed.

The news came in a statement released by Columbia on Monday in which they stated that the University “has decided that Columbia wrestlers will not compete until we have a full understanding of the facts on which to base the official response to this disturbing matter.”

The University had termed the controversy “appalling” and said that it would show zero tolerance to such remarks or text messages passed on by its wrestling team.

The screengrabs were posted online on a blog run by students from the Columbia University titled and it was added that the wrestling team had used the app GroupMe to send these obscene text messages over a period of last 3 years.

The source of these extremely controversial text messages were by an insider into the same chat where these remarks were passed who now thought that the mates in the wrestling team had now begun to cross their lines when it came to humor and degradation.

The incident has been not been alone as just one week earlier a similar problem occurred at the Harvard University where it was reported by the university’s student-run newspaper that the men’s football team had the habit of preparing reports on the women’s soccer team that were explicit in nature, leading to the ban of the team from the upcoming season.

The Columbia University has been appreciated in many quarters for being fast in their response to the scandal and backed them to give a sound judgment into the matter as the movement to oust the members of the wrestling team involved from Columbia University through Facebook Groups and petitions.