Colin Davidson Gets a Chance to Paint for The Queen


Rarely do you get a chance in life to get in touch with Royalty and even rarer is the opportunity to wield a brush for them and make them immortal by putting them on a canvas.

Colin Davidson, the Irish artist, had a similarly astonishing opportunity when he was commissioned to paint a portrait of the English Monarch, Queen Elizabeth by Co-operation Ireland as part of their efforts to move Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland closer on the occasion of the Queen’s birthday celebrations. The Queen is set to turn 90 this year.

Marked with gifts and tributes throughout her tenure, Queen Elizabeth has been the head of the House of Windsor since 1952 when her coronation took place, making her the longest reigning British Monarch till date. She was immensely happy on the occasion of unveiling of the said painting of herself and also due to the fact that the painting held greater significance of being a symbol of peace towards the units in Ireland.

Colin Davidson has been known to paint portraits of various celebrities and influential personalities like Angela Merkel and Brad Pitt, but his work has a wider reach as it was instrumental in a series of paintings that highlighted the decades-long fight between the Catholic and Protestant led factions over Ireland that ended in 1998 with the Good Friday agreement.

His ideals value common humanity as he strives to signify conflicts and prejudices through his works, among which notably include his recent work on Jerusalem, the conflict-ridden zone in Israel. He was awarded the Visitor’s Choice Award back in 2012 owing to the popularity of his works amongst art audiences.