Cleveland Cavaliers is now the Highest Paid Sports Team in the World


According to a recent survey, NBA’s Cavaliers was ranked # 1 in terms of securing the highest pay. The survey put the average pay for Cavaliers at nearly $8.7 million per year as the 2016 season kicked off in October.

Manchester United topped the category in Football and was placed 4th in the overall list which marked its upgrade from its previous 6th the preceding year and this year is also great for the team as it has outstripped all of the other football clubs for the very first time in a period of seven years.

The rankings reflect recent financial events such as the big TV deal that NBA signed recently and the fall in pound sterling that affected the earnings of UK based football teams like Manchester United after Brexit.

Manchester United high rankings were more of a result of its high-profile hiring this season of players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pual Pogba, which has made it costlier for the management to serve them financially.

This year, NBA’s domination at the upper echelons has seen its players earn to the tune of a whopping $2million in pay from their respective clubs. Individual player earnings aside from the pay they get from their earnings like commercial endorsements might be higher for the English football stars but they don’t necessarily reflect on how each sport’s boards are running and what they have in mind for their players.

In the English Premier League, pay is higher than any other professional football leagues around the world and the distance between them can be gauged by the fact that the next best earner, the Spanish’s La Liga pays its players nearly half of what players in its English counterparts earn.

LA Clippers is now No.3, representing the rise of NBA in terms of pay scale, while the New York Yankees of baseball are in at no.2 for this year’s first team pay scale rankings.