As iPhone Sales Continue to Fall, Apple Looks for Its Next Superman in Wearable Glasses


iPhone, Apple’s premier product offering and its biggest source of revenue, has not been registering the kind of growth that CEO Tim Cook would have wanted out of it as sales continue to decline. The main reason behind this phenomenon, according to industry critics, is the lack of innovative features or simply “not enticing enough to sell anymore”.

The iPhone’s decline in sales is down to its seemingly failed attempt to offer something new in its last offerings i.e. iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Despite the failure of Samsung’s Note 7 and its disaster run in the market, Apple failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

Now Apple is looking for a new avenue to place its bets on and many believe that the next big offering Apple would be vying on would be wearable glasses laced with Augmented Reality (AR) technology that will provide users with a far more unique experience than some of the similar previous product offerings were not able to provide.

What this device would differ in, would be that it would not replace the iPhone but rather act as a worthwhile addition to enhance the experience like you could be able to see photos or view all kinds of data and information from your iPhone in your field of vision, a scenario which would only be possible with resounding AR technology to let the user enjoy these features without causing any nuisance to the person wearing it.

Despite the interest shown by Apple, there are still no imminent signs of a large order being placed to suppliers that could be tracked back to the company plans to indulge in such a venture but some components of similar nature have been ordered which show that Apple might be in the process of testing and making it perfect enough to be market compatible in the long run.

The main problem with previous similar models like Google Glass which failed to register an impact due to its abjectly poor battery performance and the overall experience that was unable to mesmerize the tech junkies or the general public.

Apple’s main test would lie in how it will make it possible the production of a final product that has a good battery life and performs well as expected although it has some hints that it might be on course to do exactly that as it has acquired AR firms in the past like Primesense in 2013 and has the patent to things like street view on maps through AR.

We all are vying on Apple to produce a new tech product that is the market leader in its category, just like it has done in its past and made consumers line up for their launches yet again.