After Trump’s Election, Sports in the U.S Will Not Remain the Same


As Trump won the race to the White House, sports teams may not be looking forward to celebrating their own victories like they used to in Obama’s reign from now onwards. The Republican’s election campaign, which had been quite controversial in that it was viewed as promoting racism towards African Americans and Hispanics, might create an environment where sports will not remain on good terms with the White House for the next 4 years.

Sports teams and star players in the U.S have been on a similar note to famous celebrities on their expressing dislike towards Trump being elected as President, whom they viewed as just not the right candidate to be doing the job.

Lebron James, who just had his visit to the White House as part of his team Cleveland Cavalier’s win of the NFL this season, had openly supported the Democratic Candidate Hilary in the race. He, along with his team, was ironically at the White House just when Trump happened to be there as well to meet outgoing President Obama.

Obama met with the Cavaliers two hours later after his meeting ended with Donald Trump and headed for the ceremony. Trump or his dislike might not have been part of the celebration ceremony but things took a turn when Richard Jefferson of Cavaliers posted a story on Snapchat highlighting the dislike towards Trump.

The Snapchat story held that they might be the last team to tour the White House as part of prizes that come after a team wins a National Championship, just like Cleveland did recently, as Trump is set to occupy the place for the next tenure.

Trump’s problems with sports have been continuing since he announced his candidacy for elections as PGA Tour announced that no event would be taking place in the Trump-owned Doral Course in Miami this year which seemingly had a lot to do with the remarks Trump repeatedly passed during his campaigns. It would have been highly difficult to find sponsors to back the event when anything related to Trump was involved.

The PGA Tour is now going to be held in Mexico.