Youtube Red Still in the Red


YouTube Red, which was a monthly subscription based version of YouTube priced at $10 a month is still reeling to gain customers as it has only generated 1.5 million subscribers, which is highly disappointing considering its worldwide viewership of more than a billion users.

The offer allows users to get better video streaming as the subscribing to this service allows you to watch ad-free content, which slows down videos, in addition to providing a free Google Play Music membership. If you are a Google Play member, you can enjoy the Red feature for free.

The offer allows you to enter into a one-month free trial which currently has a million subscribers. Google’s limited launch strategy, which makes the Red available in just 4 countries has accounted for the slow growth it has seen since its launch a year back. YouTube is the leader in online video content and such a small amount of subscribers to its service doesn’t reflect its stance as an industry leader.

Google still has a long way to go before it can extract any substantial amount of money from its Red service which shows how difficult is it to gain money out of a thing which has been offered to the public for free and that too for a pretty long time period.

Red also has a feature which might work in its favor in the future in terms of increasing number of monthly users. Red Originals provides users with authentic and exclusive content which is not readily available elsewhere but even the growth here has been slow considering Google’s prowess in other products, as by the end of 2016 the feature would have only 20 such original series and movies in its log to woo consumers.

Red was supposed to rival Netflix in its efforts but things have been slow so far. The concern, for now, is not the amount of money generated, Google has enough of it already, but the reputation is at stake for a failed product offering which is bad considering the might Google has been known to exhibit in the past.