Will the iPhone 8 Have Something New?


After huge disappointments to users since the iPhone 5, will Apple strive to create an impact with its next offering after sales fell for the first time?  

After experiencing the first yearly sales decline since 2001, Apple is all set to reinvigorate its signature features and tread on the path towards innovation. iPhone 8, which will be released in 2017 might feature an OLED screen, which has until recently been used by Samsung to provide sharper color contrast than the traditional Low-temperature polysilicon or LTPS screens which are used by Apple.

The OLED screen can be contoured or curved and this feature might be at the helm of the surprise Apple has in store for its huge cache of loyal consumers around the globe. A curved phone in the Apple’s range of products would be a breakaway from its previous models, of which the recently launched iPhone 7 range.

This was revealed by Mr. Tai Jeng Wu, President of Sharp which is owned by Foxconn Technology Group, at Tatung University where he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by his Alma mater. He also talked about the importance of innovation in iPhone’s journey if it’s to retain its title of being the world’s biggest company.

As Samsung suffered a huge setback amidst the crisis for its latest introduction Note 7, which had developed battery faults that led to some of them catching fire and exploding, Apple has an opportunity to revamp itself as the competition has lightened up, providing a window of breathing space to the beleaguered giant.

The next year would be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series, by which consumers would expect that Apple comes up with something that has newer features and is able to stir up excitement after the down year of 2016, where both Samsung and Apple were quite disappointing with their offerings.

Tai remarked that they are building a facility in Japan where these OLEDs would be made meant for Apple’s next generation of phones, but he did not clearly specify which phone would start sporting the newly induced technology.

After the announcements were made on Saturday 29th October, rumors of what the iPhone 8 would carry were given an additional speculation after there was news that Apple would have a glass-backed design, which we haven’t seen since iPhone 4S, made for its next offering. Apple is all set to surprise us with its next big launch in 2017, to re-establish itself as the ultimate smartphone provider.