Uber All Set to Turn Destinations into People with Its New Features


What you normally do with the Uber app is type in a destination and then check for availability of a suitable car to make the journey towards your desired destination but with a new tweaking, Uber now will be able to allow you to directly access your friend’s whereabouts and lead your journey by using it as a destination.

This and a whole lot more was unveiled by Uber Founder and current CEO Travis Kalanick earlier this week as he earmarked that Uber is posting new updates into its features to save the time of the app user. It is Uber’s first such attempt at a major update to its app since 2012 as the new features were announced on 2nd November.

On how it will work, Uber will now feature a “Where to” option which can now be used to type in a person’s name who is in your contact list and the app would then connect that request to the requested contact for approval on sharing location details. The information would then be passed onto the driver who would take you there without the need for anything else.

New features would also tap into your calendar and keep track of any upcoming events, suggesting you locations based on that information. In addition to this, you will now be able to gaze into vehicle options from UberX and UberPool in addition to its old features of cost estimations and journey time predictions.

In a bid to make it more fun, the newer updates would also feature a unique filter for Snapchat, use Yelp for restaurant reviews and the best of all would be the opportunity to order meals via UberEats, which is the company’s food delivery arm.

While we went disappointed as Uber did not add a safety feature to its palette, which would have completed the otherwise great set of features integrated into the app from now onwards.

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