Trump Survives False Scare as Tensions Rise


Mr. Trumps was in for an unexpectedly big scare at a rally in Reno, Nevada, as a man present in the rally caused panic to him and people present in the rally.

There were shouts that the man had a gun in his possession after which, Mr.Trump was quickly pulled off stage by the secret service agents present there only to return to the stage after a pause of a few minutes as the man was not found in possession of any firearm.

Austyn Crites, the unfortunate man, was holding a banner which read “Republicans against Trump” was pulled down by the security officials to be frisked thoroughly but after nothing was found, he was freed as Trump resumed his speech by saying “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us… I want to thank the Secret Service.”

Mr.Trump is currently engaged in an intensive campaign to target “Democratic” strongholds as he jostles with Hilary for the world’s most powerful position. The elections are set to be held on Tuesday in what could one of the most closely fought campaigns in American Presidential Election’s history.

Hilary was leading by 4 points according to latest polls but her popularity might be in for some free fall as news surfaced last week that the FBI is reconsidering opening up investigation on her email scandal. Trump is trying to gain on this by going for a whirlwind tour of Democratic strongholds.

Trump’s serious allegations of ballot rigging were part of his campaign in Nevada but they were overshadowed by what followed next as the unfortunate scare happened.

40 million voters have already taken part in early balloting that has given the hint that Hilary might be leading the polls up till now but things can be quite unpredictable as things heat on till the final showdown on Tuesday to see who wins the race to the White House.