Protestors Demand South Korea’s President Step down After Cases of Power Abuse Surface


Despite rendering two apologies, South Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye, might not yet heave a sigh of relief as thousands of protesters blocked a 16 lane highway in Seoul asking her to step down from power and face prosecution.

Accused of power abuse as President, Park has been allegedly known towards letting her aide Choi Soon Sil, access highly sensitive documents despite not holding any official governmental position igniting outcry and protests.

Choi was allowed access to speeches by the President and some official sensitive documents which did not bode well for the current President.

In addition to charges of power abuse, Park is also facing corruption charges of which she has been accused by the opposition parties. Choi allegedly helped Park in accumulating millions of dollars as funds to her various charitable organizations and foundations. This act was seen as a violation of moral conduct by the opposition parties and intensified efforts for her ouster.

In further events, an arrest warrant was issued for Park for the charges by the Prosecutors on Wednesday after two of her close aides were also put behind bars for the same charges previously.

The protest took place in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace where people gathered to demonstrate which included all age groups. The people present there took part in the protest by upholding placards and banners denouncing the corruption and misconduct and also lighted candles as a symbolic gesture.

Meanwhile, Park’s apology speech during which she said, “All of this happening is my fault. It happened because of my neglect,”  went on air. She continued by adding that,

“There are even talks of me being immersed in a cult or resorting to shamanism in the Blue House (presidential palace). I would like to say that this is absolutely not true,”. But this did not neutralize the strength of the protests by the crowd in Seoul.