IS Claims Responsibility as 9 People Are Left Dead in a Car Bombing Incident in Turkey


More than a 100 people have been reported to be injured as a car bomb targeted the Southeastern city of Diyarbakir in Turkey shortly before 8 a.m. local time. The death toll from the blast reached nine which included two policeman and seven civilians.

The blast took place outside a police station in Baglar district of the city, causing damages to nearby cars and buildings, as known by a statement released by the provincial state Government.

The incident caused confusion among the authorities who claimed that the attack was led by Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) after their leaders were detained as they failed to produce themselves in front of a prosecutor but IS claimed responsibility for the attack.

The claim was run by IS using the Amaq agency online, which made the authorities question their previous narrative which has been shaped up by the conflict between PKK and Turkish forces reared up again more than a year ago and is currently ongoing.

The conflict arose after Ankara decided to clamp down on anyone whom they perceived as a threat after a failed coup attempt threatened to replace the current leadership.

The Pro-Kurdish political party, People’s Democratic party or HDP, has been under the radar of the authorities in the midst of a terror investigation which led to several senior politicians being detained.

The authorities also blocked and restricted Turkish access to online social media sites after the arrests took place in order to not let any sort of outcry or revolt from taking place. Social media has gained importance in Middle Eastern Spheres after the Arab Spring which was coordinated in large part through online websites.

TurkeyBlocks, which is an internet monitoring group in Turkey told in a Tweet about the Government’s restrictions on the use of several social media sites.

The problems with Kurds simmer as they are now part of an increasingly confusing scenario where the PKK is seen as terrorist organization inside Turkey and by the US as well but Kurd forces are part of the US-led coalition in Turkey’s neighbor Syria in a fight with IS.