Instagram Will Now Allow You to Buy What You See On-Screen


How great it would feel if you could buy what you see in those amazing photos you see on screen whenever you visit Instagram? Well that could be a reality from now onwards

The photo sharing app Instagram, which recently added video to its capabilities, is now starting a round of testing its new shopping features which will allow users to make purchases without “Zoning out” of the service.

The shopping feature will initially be available to only Apple users and begins its test next week in the USA.

Posts would now contain a “Shop Now” icon as Instagram jumps on the bandwagon towards providing a more seamless customer experience as it continues to generate immense popularity through its services. A site where photos and videos are shared can be an immensely viable platform for E-commerce activities.

More than 20 brands are taking part in the initial testing rounds which notably include JackThreads and Kate Spade. Owned by social networking giant Facebook, Instagram has referred to industry statistics as the main motive behind its recent move. The statistics signify the growing number of users who take to their smartphones and web browsers to search information regarding would-be purchases.

Integration of e-commerce services is the next step for social media services as the look to capitalize the large cache of users they currently enjoy and extract the maximum benefit out of the phenomenal growth they continue to benefit from.

The newest announcement by Instagram is being seen as a revamping of the capabilities of the seller in displaying its product in an altogether new platform which was previously off limits.

“Mobile has changed the way people shop,” Instagram added in a new blog on the its new feature and further added that, “We’re excited to announce an easier experience to shop the products you love on Instagram.”

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