GCHQ “Certifies” New Course for Drone-Hacking Education


UK’s spy agency GCHQ will be at the helm of a new course launched in the UK which would teach would-be cyber spies to hack into drones and keep things safe. The course is being backed by the government on all levels as not only will it allow more safety to individuals but it would also help address the skill gap that employers looking for security professionals seem to complain the most about.

The course which normally takes two years has been condensed into a 10-week grueling intense program where key issues regarding fighting cyber-crime would be addressed. The program will take place at the Cyber Retraining Academy which is under prime operation of Sans Institute. The Sans Institute, which is an organization that provides training on cyber-security, would get the funding for running this program from the huge amount of £1.9bn reserved by the Government for its National Cybersecurity strategy.

Access to individual student performances would be provided to cyber security employers by the Sans Institute to allow them to assess any potential candidate for further recruitment purposes.

The selection process for the program is grueling, however as interested candidates would have to attempt a multiple choice quiz before even submitting the application in addition to another round of competency-based tests to be considered for the final pool of 50 students for the boot camp which is slated to begin in 2017 in London.

But considering the fact that GCHQ is an organization whose primary motive is to ensure that no one is safe or can evade surveillance, the candidates who will undertake this course are to be viewed with suspicion by employers, who will not like individuals who have been trained by GCHQ to be added as it has the potential to compromise their security.

The GCHQ would have to take necessary steps to gain confidence of employers in this regard if it would like to see the candidates undergoing this program to gain something beneficial out of it.