Digital Manuscript of the “Oldest” Koran by UK on Display in UAE


After radiocarbon tests were done on it last year, The Koran manuscript, held in the University of Birmingham was found to be much older than was previously thought. The manuscript is nearly 1370 years old, which increases its significance to Muslim cultural polity and the history of the Koran.

A digital version of the prestigious manuscript will be presented by Prince Charles in the UAE as he visits the country to increase cultural ties between the two nations.

The said manuscript is made up of either Goat or sheepskin, which was a commonplace writing material in the days this manuscript dates back to. The date ranges determined by the tests, led by the University of Oxford, might establish it as the oldest surviving manuscript of the Koran, which will be “symbolically” returned to the Middle East region, the place where it originated.

The Manuscript is part of the wider Minganna collection held at the University of Birmingham and may also hold some other significant cultural treasures from Old Islamic world, concerning to their origin, dates, and rarity.

The Cadbury Family funded the trips to the Middle East for Alphonse Minganna in the 1920s which were focused on collecting such high value cultural and traditional artifacts such as the Manuscript in Birmingham.

A similar manuscript is present in Paris’s National Library of France which has similar dates with the one present in Birmingham and might be related to it as well.

The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As situated in Futsat, Egypt, is said to be the origin of this old manuscript but it was acquired in what is now Modern Day Iraq during a trip by Minganna.

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